Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Mardi Gras Carjacking

We finally ran out of friends that live in Soulard, so we didn't have a house party to go to when Mardi Gras rolled around. We booked an all inclusive thing at Big Daddy's Bar & Grill instead.

The food was pretty bleh but anything tastes good after a few hurricanes.

The thing was Fireball whiskey sponsored so there was a lot of swag floating around.

Matt likes shiny things.

When you party with the Schaeffers you often end up in the emergency room. Remember when Lydia ruined Halloween?

So Zoe had her mom come to pick her up and her mom found a place next to the brewery to park. Well some crackhead came by and tried a couple of the door handles, when they didn't open said crackhead bashed one of the car windows in. He entered the vehicle, punched Zoe in the face, and then tried to drive the car away. Being a crackhead who clearly sucks at his life really really hard, he proceeded to crash the car into multiple nearby vehicles and got pulled out of the car and stomped.  And the day was saved! 

Zoe took an ambulance to Barnes-Jewish Hospital where a doctor confirmed our worst fears: Zoe was now in the later stages of punched-face syndrome. Then the doctor sent her home. The end.

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