Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lounging All the Way to Ecuador

Today we flew to Quito, Ecuador. Why Quito, Ecuador you say? Well I'm still knocking the stuffing out of JetBlue's Amazon airline miles program and they're running out of countries that I haven't been to yet. Sad!

Our trip started off pretty smoothly in St. Louis. A new lounge is under construction there but Priority Pass has also just added a couple of restaurants to the program. This means that you now get to run up a $30ish tab per person and the card magically covers it. Restaurants are unable to pay their employees though so the tip still came out of our pockets. Sad. It was close enough to free though so I was excited about it. I'm afraid I've turned into a Priority Pass nerd. Moving on...

We had a couple omelets and some bloody marys.

You think I'm bad? Lydia had a United Airlines credit card, waited until she got her 1 year anniversary free lounge passes, then canceled the card before they had time to make her pay the annual fee! Now that's just vicious. Those poor credit card companies never hurt a fly. We used the ill-gotten passes at the United Club in Ft. Lauderdale. I was feeling guilty about the whole thing so I drank a free Budweiser, king of beers to see if that would help at all. While my mouth could tell the beer was brewed with only the finest two-row and six-row barley malt, it didn't help my conscience. Then I tried a free Italian sparkling wine but I still had the bad feelings in my feelings spot. Turns out, only double fisting both a free sparkling Italian wine and a free Budweiser (made with an exclusive beechwood aging process) could right my moral compass.

The lounge was also rocking fun Thanksgiving themed dishes like turkey meatballs, pumpkin pie, and squash soup.

We flew the rest of the way to Quito, Ecuador without incident and cabbed it to the Airbnb. The place was hands down the nicest we've ever rented. It only cost ~$45 a night and it had an unbelievable view of the Basílica del Voto Nacional.

By this point it was 2am and we realized that they hadn't left us any bottled water. Surely every last store in town was closed and we didn't want to go wandering the streets of Ecuador on our first night anyway. So, being geniuses, we boiled some water in a kettle to kill the bad guys, then put the whole thing in the freezer to cool it back down. After all of that work it still tasted like pool water but what can you do?

Fun fact: at high altitudes the boiling point of water is lower, so the water needed to be even hotter. Somewhere near double boiling. I just made that up and I'm sorry.

We went to bed but it wouldn't be for long. We only had 3 days in Ecuador!

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