Thursday, July 06, 2017

Chilling at the Pool in Tobago

Today was pretty much just a chill out day at the Turtle Beach Resort.

At breakfast we were already knocking some things off of our food checklist. Clockwise from the top was salt fish, sausages, pineapple, pumpkin choka, and roti. Roti is pretty much Indian pita bread.

The food was just good enough but I really like how close the dining room was to the ocean.

I thought we shouldn't spend the whole trip cooped up at the hotel so we went on a hike to the nearest grocery store. The trip was a little scary at times.

This house had a massive mango tree in front of it. I think one of my life goals may be to have a place with a giant mango tree. Or maybe just to have enough money to buy a lot of mangos.

We saw lots of animals on the way. Chickens I didn't mind but there were a few nasty looking street dogs that I was forced to walk within biting distance of that I was keeping a close eye on.

We grabbed a few snacks at the store.

They had a nice local coconut water and I was glad I bought two bottles.

Back at the hotel we had an exotic chip taste test.

We then got back to our true calling, hanging out in the pool. We met a girl who was maybe 6 named Mira. Her mom was German and so she quizzed us on the meanings of German words and made us guess pretty much her whole family's names as well as how to spell them. We really had a lot of time on our hands. Later on she treated us to a rendition of some songs from the movie Moana.

Her mom was going to get her a piece of cake and she said "make that three" so we could each have a piece. That was cute.

Lydia taking pictures of a toad.

By this point we had the gist of the hotel food and wanted to get out and see a real restaurant. We picked the imaginatively named Mesoreen Cafe Bistro.

I didn't remember this place being quite so RED.

Crab and dumplings was a local food that sounded awesome but wasn't too exciting when it arrived. It was like one big chicken noodle with some meat inside. I could honestly barely tell it was crab. Oh well.

Lydia got an order of bake and shark. It was pretty much shark fritters. I was reminded of the conch fritters that they were rocking in the Bahamas.

I thought that the sauteed shrimp was well presented. The big frilly thing was a giant plantain chip.

The urinals had mothballs in them which was horrid. Had to hold my breath.

It was an interesting dinner and we got to try a couple of the local foods we'd read about. I'd say it was a successful mission.

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