Saturday, April 29, 2017

Birthday Foos and Booze

This year for my birthday, and Lydia's, we had to come up with something new and exciting to capture the imaginations of the hip kids. We settled on a booking at Great American Human Foosball.

That cookie cake though.

I'd never done this before and so was a little bit nervous that people wouldn't have fun. Turns out I needn't have worried.

The game was deceptively difficult. You had to keep your hands on the bars like a little plastic foosball man and so you and the other people on your bar had to coordinate which direction you were going to go.

I played goalie the first few matches and blocked all the shots, then scored a couple times as a forward during the last match. Made the game winning shot. It's not a huge deal. People did not hoist me up on their shoulders and chant my name after the game but I think we could all feel in the air that they wanted to. Oh well.

The ref was super fun and into the whole thing. I think he was the owner of the business so that explained his give-a-crap demeanor. They had giant chess, giant connect four, and a big pool table where all the balls were soccer balls.

Afterward we went to our after-kickball haunt Stella Blue and had some good times. A certain pair of sisters that shall remain nameless kept breaking glasses so they downgraded us to solo cups and hinted that we should leave.

We hadn't really planned anything past this so when someone suggested Narwhal's Crafted Urban Ice I had no reason to argue. Narwhal's sole product is a bunch of different flavors of alcoholic slushie drinks. They have really good flavors though.

A few of our friends work for Purina and so have all sorts of fun international friends. Lydia and I inexplicably ended up hanging out with this Russian guy on Wash Ave a bit before bed. He was a hoot.

He found the mask that I made at the Art Museum in the backseat.

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