Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Beardy Boy

Am I going to write a blog post about my beard? Damn straight I am.

So due to some last minute flight issues we left on our trip for Spain in a hurry and I didn't have time to shave. No problem, I'll just pack my electric razor and then give it a buzz in a Spanish hotel room, right?

Well unfortunately while I did have an outlet converter I did not bring any sort of voltage converter and razors, unlike computers or phones, are not at all forgiving to changes in voltage. Bummer.

My next plan was to just visit a European barber somewhere but we always seemed to not be near one or just not have the time. I resigned myself to being a beardy boy until I got home.

Turns out beards are more work to maintain than they are to grow. I pretty much needed a shower after eating a bowl of soup. I felt kind of gross.

I took my beard for one last walk downtown before it got the chop. It was my most misunderstood souvenir from Europe.

You know how when you see someone who's just shave a beard or mustache that you've grown accustomed to and they look weird? Well that thing was so big that I was feeling that about myself. My chin felt and looked tiny all of the sudden. It was a very odd feeling of not recognizing myself.

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