Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Sheep Stampede in Granada

On Christmas Day in Spain we had pretty conservative aspirations. The plan was to drive from Granada to València and not starve to death along the way due to a lack of open restaurants.

Christmas was a perfect time to knock out some driving since not much would be open.

We were barely out of Granada when our car was besieged by a flood of fluff and baaahs.

We stopped for gas and there was a McDonald's Restaurante next door. It was open! Hurrahs all around.

I don't know what the heck that smaller gas cap was for.

I made the best of my embarrassing "fat American eating at a McDonald's in Europe" situation and ordered some things off of the Christmas menu.

Camembert Crujientes, or camembert crispy nuggets with a fruity dipping sauce, gave me that feeling of a truck driver wearing a top hat.

For dessert I went for the El Almendro brand McFlurry Turrón. Turrón is a nougat dessert traditionally eaten in Spain around Christmastime so I thought it was fitting

Rather than a crappy ball-pit play place this joint had a really cool mini-basketball court.

Lydia's lucky there wasn't a ball around or she would've gotten dunked on.

We had a little Christmas feast at the hotel in València.

I got some persimmons for Lydia to try. I've had a few in my Japan days that were kind of cinnamony but this must have been a Spanish variety because they were completely different in taste and texture. Not bad.

When I was done learning how to smile I wanted to show it to the people of València. Surprisingly there seemed to be a good number of bars and restaurants open contrary to our assumption.

Lydia shared her pictures with me so I could add some of them to the blog. There seem to be a few of treats that I don't recall her eating and I don't recall being offered to share. Very suspicious indeed.

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