Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Training With the STL Cardinals

Lydia's mom had a trip planned to see some spring training games in Florida, so we combined that with a plan to go to Cuba. Why not, right?

There was this creepily lifelike bronze sculpture at the Orlando airport. It's entitled "The Traveler" and was done by Duane Hanson.

The rental car place looked like a nightclub.

The next day we hit the road to the Washington Nationals' Space Coast Stadium near Cape Canaveral for a Cardinals away game. We had initially planned on seeing two games with one when we got back from Cuba but our flight times were drastically changed by Cayman Airways and that was the end of that. Only one game for us, and no visit to the Cardinals home turf in Jupiter, FL. Oh well.

Space Coast Stadium might be the best name ever.

It was funny how many Cardinal fans there were down here. The Nationals are red too, so both the players and the fans were sometimes hard to distinguish. The game was fun but there weren't many player I'd recognized out today. It was mostly the 3rd string scrubs trying to prove themselves. Some of the guys were so scrubby, maybe minor leaguers, that they didn't even have their names on their jerseys. It was fun just to watch some baseball though, and the weather was fantastic.

There was a giant bird that kept flying to its nest on top of the stadium lights. A lady sitting near us confirmed it was an osprey. Right next to us was a family and the guy said they were from Michigan. I laughed and asked how far away they live from Frankenmuth, the highway tourist trap featuring the world's largest Christmas store: Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland. Well, that was exactly where they lived. We all had a good laugh. I was in the area for a business trip back in the day and I liked to take the rental and explore on off hours. They had really good fried chicken there I recall. Fortunate for you I've been inexplicably writing this blog since 2006 so you can relive my trip here. How lucky you are.

Well we had planned to then get our own rental car but when we showed up to collect it they said they were all out. Classy. Lydia's mom was nice enough to drive us all the way to our Airbnb in Miami. We got them checked in to theirs in Stuart, FL on the way down. It was a funky tiny house run by an artist with a legit peg leg. Florida is weird.

The place we rented was nice, and filled with the requisite hip IKEA furniture. The front door to the apartment complex didn't have a lock on it which I thought was odd. I figured the place would be filled with hobos and stray dogs by now.

We had a nice dinner at the Lost & Found.

Inside it was sort of like if Clint Eastwood had a yard sale. The food was solid though, sort of like hippy Mexican food with lots of vegetarian options if that's your thing. Our waiter saw all of our Cardinals gear and said he lived in St. Louis for a bit, which was pretty funny.

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