Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hermann Oktoberfest With Friends

We attempted a repeat of the good times from last year's Hermann Oktoberfest and I'd say we nailed it.

We started off with a nice German lunch at Hermann, MO's flagship Stone Hill Winery. I dove into the German spirit with the "GERMAN SPECIALTY PLATE: a perfect sampling size of our Sauerbraten, Schnitzel, and Knackwurst served with red cabbage and potato pancake."

After lunch disaster struck. We headed over to the tasting rooms, and the wine tasting was no longer free! I was like "What the F!" and I immediately turned over a table with disgust in my passive aggressive imagination.

Apparently last year a group of sneaky yet dashingly charming rogues went around free-tasting the same wines over and over and then never bought anything. Legend has it that their leader, Johnny Winolito, was never brought to justice.

So we "picked out a few bottles in the store" and "stood in line" then "traded money for products" like boring normal people.

A couple of Lydia's work friends, and a couple of their friends were in attendance.

Not too shabby.

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