Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A Lazy Day in the Dominican

Our first full day in the Dominican Republic was a lazy one. We had plenty of food and booze from yesterday's grocery store visit and the condo had a nice pool. That was that.

We eventually gathered the willpower to visit the beach but it was pretty nasty looking really. There was a thick layer of sea plants everywhere.

There were several restaurants within walking distance of the condo so we hit one up for dinner. La Posada de Gladys was definitely the most legit Dominican food we had on this trip. Our waiter was a real nutjob and drug us along on a really weird conversation. He seemed to definitely be on something. He said he used to live in Boston but said he left because there were too many rules. Ok, I can believe that the US has more rules by comparison. Then he got around to telling us there was a drunk driving incident. What a surprise.

While the staff bordered on psychopathic the food was pretty good and cheap. I had the grouper. You can see I avoided the fresh vegetables for my delicate tummy's sake.

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