Monday, September 01, 2014

A Trip to Omaha's Zoo

I'd read the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium was a unique zoo. I usually avoid zoos while traveling because I assume they'll all be the same, but not here folks. This zoo has the world's largest indoor desert and the largest nocturnal exhibit. The nocturnal exhibit in particular was pretty mind blowing.

We started off at the Desert Dome. Known by me as... "The THUNDER DOME!!"

I really liked the monstrous feet on the African Jacana.

I would say that it was my first time seeing the majority of the animals in the nocturnal exhibit. It was so cool!

These three banded armadillos were funny because they scurried around so fast but their armor concealed theirs legs, producing this weird gliding effect. We agreed they either looked like Roombas or...

...those Buzzy Beetle guys from Super Mario Bros.

An aardvark relishing his premium spot at the front of the dictionary.

Lemurs I think?

A peccary licking his way through a bunch of fruit frozen into a big block of ice.

A few friends sharing popcorn.

 It's probably bad but apes always remind me of hobos: surly, napping whenever/wherever they want to, begging for food, and difficult to keep eye contact with.

The zoo was so awesome that my phone ran out of photo space for the first time ever I believe. We skipped the aquarium and large parts of the zoo just because we spent so much time and energy with what we did see. I would definitely go back.

On the way home, halfway between Kansas City and Joplin is the small town of Rich Hill. The town is the subject of a recent documentary of the same name, which follows the pretty rough lives of a few teenagers that live there.

Rich Hill is the classic post boom mining town.

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