Friday, May 30, 2014

A Belizean Slow Start

We are planning a fast approaching trip to Belize (hopefully with a little stop in Guatemala). Lydia found this pretty cool sounding jungle lodge place called Ian Anderson's Cave Branch. The experience is billed as more adventurey and less laying around like a slug on a beach somewhere. But it is still all inclusive. At first glance it seemed to be coincidentally right next door to one of Belize's top attractions, the Great Blue Hole. Blue Hole is like an underground cave that collapsed and the ocean flowed in, and it is supposed to be great for SCUBA diving.

Now that I've purchased my Lonely Planet guide book (and reservations have been made) and I'm learning more about the country, I realize we will be staying nowhere near the famous Hole, but a different Hole entirely.

View The Great Blue Hole in a larger map
We will be sleeping just north of Blue Hole National Park. I was such a fool to get that confused with the famous Blue Hole National Monument. Such a blue, blue fool.

File:Great Blue Hole.jpg
Great Blue Hole

The Belizean government's limited place name vocabulary will not hinder my awesome trip, though. No way.

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