Monday, December 30, 2013

Cruising Towards St. Thomas

Well our hard won "extra" day at sea turned out to be pretty tame. I was extremely sick the entire day. I either ate something bad the night before (the only thing we didn't share was the sushi so very possible) or I just got a bug. Norovirus seems to be the chic disease to get on a cruise these days, and the symptoms are the same. Let's just say it's a good thing the toilet and the sink were so close together.

Another factor not helping me out at all was the ship's movements. I'd heard that cruise ships are so large that they don't sway much with the waves. This is false. I don't know if we just hit unusually choppy seas on our cruise or what, but on a good day it left you feeling a little stumbly or drunk, and on a bad day it was bumping into people all the time.

My understanding is that Lydia used the time to read and lay out, but the day was so sunny that everyone had that idea, and it was hard for her to find a vacant deck chair.

Lydia got some selfies taken care of while I was bedridden. Shouldn't she look a little less happy?

A plus for the whole cruise experience for some must be the implied child care. Many people seemed to just let their kids run wild, thinking that they couldn't get in that much trouble in such a contained area. That gave the ship a slight Chuck E. Cheese birthday party feel which I could understand getting on some people's nerves. There was an adults only area, which was pretty magical. It was like a secret garden of serenity where we could read or hang out in a hot tub without fighting for space or getting splashed.

Despite my all-day sickness, I realized I was pretty lucky in terms of when it hit me. A day earlier, and I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the Bahamas, and a day later and getting off the ship in the Virgin Islands would have been impossible.

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