Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I've just bought the plane tickets to go to Iceland in late December! I'm pretty excited about it.

Here is my current understanding of what the place will look like.

I've just started one of my favorite parts about going to a strange land: buying the travel guide and learning everything I can. A much more ambitious goal is to learn some Icelandic. The pronunciation is really different from anything I've played with before, so it's a challenge. Icelandic seems to share the unpleasant habit of English vowels being randomly long and short just because. There's a couple new letters, plus a bunch of accented letters. For example "hello" is "góðan dag". It kind of resembles "guten tag" I suppose. Just learning enough about it to say the place names in a taxi is going to take some work.

Iceland fun fact: Iceland was invaded by Britain then occupied by the US during WWII to keep it from the Germans.


  1. so freaking cool!! Can't wait to see pictures!! Hope you're doing well :D

  2. Thanks! I'm doing great. How are you?