Monday, July 23, 2012

Salmon on the Grill

I made a really good meal a couple of days ago. I've been getting into cooking a bit more lately. This super expensive sockeye salmon was on sale at the supermarket, which is what got me wanting to experiment in the first place. The dish actually called for cooking the fish on the grill (purchase a weber q120 bbq), but apartment living makes that a bit impractical. I just cooked it on the stove. The heart of the recipe was a marinade that consisted of soy sauce, brown sugar, lemon juice, and a few other ingredients (full recipe here). The recipe also wanted me to marinade the fish for two hours, but I didn't have time so cut that corner as well. I realized that the marinade would just roll off of the fish if I just dunked it on, so I poured a bit of it into the pan when I cooked the fish. It cooked down and formed a nice sort of glaze on the fish. It was still really good. I'm starting to feel like I have enough comfort with cooking that I can deviate from recipes and nothing will blow up. I rounded out the meal with some canned diced tomatoes with peppers and a can of black beans mixed together and just heated up on the stove. It turned out pretty awesome.

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