Monday, April 16, 2012

St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day

Last Friday was the opening game for the St. Louis Cardinals. I work very close to Busch Stadium, so opening day was part of my life whether I wanted it to be or not.  Parking turns into an expensive nightmare on game days, so to begin with I took the train in the morning. It was a nice change of pace.

The day before the game the sidewalk right across the street from the ticket booths turned into a shanty town for scruffy people. I didn't really get how waiting across the street guaranteed them a spot in the actual line. Several of them were huddled around a fire pit thing burning near a bus stop enclosure which I was really unsure is even legal.

On my way to work the next morning a monster line had developed. 

Florescent-lit computer screen is the only view I have from my cube, but the office right next to me has a great view of the stadium.  It rained a ton before the game started, and I think it was delayed.  You can see them rolling up the giant white tarp on the field.

My friends were either going to the game or just going to watch it at the bars in the neighborhood, which is always a fun time. The rain really damped my enthusiasm for stopping by somewhere after work. I had no cell phone signal at all that day either, which I blame on the huge crowds. I ended up skipping that and going out with some friends later in the evening.  Hammerstone's in Soulard has bring your own mug night once a week, so I bounced over there instead.

Cavalia, a Cirque du Solei wannabe, is in town. I walk by the huge circus tent every day on the way to work.

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