Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mardi Gras in St. Louis

Here's a couple of pictures of Soulard, St. Louis during Mardi Gras.

The week before the big parade is the smaller but still pretty happening Purina Beggin' Pet Parade 2012, which was on Feb 12th this year. A friend of mine has a dog so we dressed it up ridiculously and headed out.

 There was the normal throwing of beads and candy, but also a ton of doggy treats and toys.  This float was throwing Beggin' Strips, the little fake bacon dog snacks.

The dog costumes were the best part. 

 There wasn't a seat to spare at the wiener dog races.

Actual Mardi Gras was awesome, and Soulard really goes all out and transforms. Bars build all sorts of temporary outdoor tents and structures to serve food and drink out on the street.

Outdoor partying and people-watching was really the only reason to be in this mess. This was as close as we got the actual parade.

Someone described the next day's aftermath as a "zombie outbreak". The streets are much quieter than usual, and anyone who is out is probably walking slower as to not upset their hangover. Trash and broken down orange security fence is everywhere. But hey, if nothing is broken you didn't really have a party, now did you?

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