Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kanikosen at the New York Film Festival

An article dated yesterday on the New York Times website places Kanikosen on this year's New York Film Festival lineup(article here). The Times describes the film as "...a highly stylized, stirring, manga-flavored update of a classic Japanese political novel..." A look at the Film Festival's website unfortunately yielded the exact same language. I am interested in seeing a film I watched being made in rural Ashikaga move its way through the American market. I really hope that it is released over here, at least in DVD form, so that I can have a copy that I don't have to fight to watch (DVD region coding makes me sad).

In another little bite of Kanikosen news, a game based on the film has been released at Apple's App Store. The game was developed by BottleCube Inc. and is available for $.99. "'The Crab Canning Ship,' which has been a huge hit in Japan as both a novel and a movie, is now a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!" If you're thinking to yourself "How could an indie movie with a plot about the crew of a crab boat struggling under capitalist exploitation be made into a fun game?", I would like to kindly direct you to the game's website: "In this game, you are a worker aboard the crab canning ship whose job is to pack crabs into cans." What could be more fun than that? I might have to buy this game just to review it.

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  1. Please do. Screenshots would be appreciated.