Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Made the Front Page

Fellow Ashikaga blogger Kaz, aka "Ashikaga"(blog in English and Japanese here) gave me a little heads up that there was a picture of me in the local Ryomo Shimbun. What a nice guy. Of course someone as vain as I couldn't just let something like that slide, so I hunted down a copy of the thing and marveled at its splendor. The picture is from the Gettysburg Address speech contest that I recently participated in.

I'm in the big picture at the bottom, front row, third from the right. The accompanying article isn't anything extraordinary, just a little blurb and a list of the winning kids' names. Not bad at all.

I've seen a couple new episodes of sumo star Asashoryu's Fanta commercials that are amusing. Previous coverage here.

Here's the big guy in his middle school English class. It doesn't get any closer to home for me. The teacher mispronounces FanTaro's name and tries to get him to pronounce Monday correctly. I think that the mispronounced Monday sounds like the Japanese "Is it ok to squeeze?" or massage or something like that... I could use some help on the meaning of that one. Anyway, it's a pun. So laugh.

This one has FanTaro skipping out on his homework to play some sumo video games. His mom catches him and tells him he can't have the soda she had brought, but delicious Fanta Zero Cider saves the day. Hurray.


  1. I'm glad you've found yourself a copy. Now you have something to show your grandkids.

    @Fatarou TV ads

    You gotta love Asashouryuu. No sumo wrestler has this much personality save for maybe Takamiyama in his younger days.

  2. I never got to see the guy wrestle unfortunately. The match I went to featured Hakuho.

  3. sweet beans.
    I know kaz dont i?