Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Hotel Website

The good people at have recently brought their hotel search website to my attention. The Australian-based site claims to serve up worldwide results from over 30 travel sites. I played around with it a bit and it's easy to use and seems to have a good amount of information. It shows a ton of hotels in Springfield but it doesn't even recognize Ashikaga as a city. Sometimes I don't either, hehe. I'll see what sort of prices I can find there if I need someplace to rest my big head in Australia. It never hurts to shop around.


  1. Hey, nice blog!

    I just saw your picture in the Ryomo Shinbun. It was a group shot from some English Speech contest.

    Enjoy your last days in Ashikaga and have fun in Aussieland!

    aka ASHIKAGA from JREF

  2. Hey thanks! I am going to have to hunt and see if I can find that paper! hehe.