Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/18/08 Last Day Before Summer Break

Today is the last day of school before summer vacation begins. I have been considering my time here, now that my experience has come full circle. Soon a few of the other ALTs will be leaving, and a new group will take their place. I wonder how much I have gained or grown during this time. Its always hard to tell... I can't remember the person I was when I arrived. I think that I will understand more when I go back to Illinois this summer. I expect a lot of things will be just the same way they were when I left. Then I can decide if I am the same way too.


I read something interesting on Freakonomics, a blog on The New York Times website(found here). Its written by the same guys that wrote the New York Times Bestseller by the same name. Anyway, the article mentioned the "Wilhelm Scream", a stock sound effect that has appeared in over 100 movies, and a fat stack of TV shows and video games as well. Give the video a look... its one popular scream.

A bit of history and a huge list of appearances can be found on wikipedia here.

More Mt. Fuji coverage coming up soon!

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  1. haha. I think that from now on I will be looking for that scream in every movie. About you, I bet you will feel different when you come here, things and people could be the same but you will have a different perspective.