Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5/28/08 A Unique Party in Tokyo

Last Saturday was a lot of fun. Clarence, Tung, and I all went to a party in an area of Tokyo called Kichijoji.

The main draw of the party was an American singer/songwriter named Phillip Hunter. The funny thing was a few of our Japanese acquaintances. They were excited about the party as well, and they all seemed to have memorized the same little bio about him. The email I received mentioned that he had worked with "Michael Bolton(the "no-talent ass-clown"), Chaka Khan, Gloria Estefan, and Brian McKnight". So a few of our friends would parrot the list of people he had worked with over and over whenever prompted. At least one admitted that they didn't actually know any of the artists on the list. Funny guys.

The party was on the third floor of a little place called Koki's House. Well, Koki's got a decent house for himself. This was a pay at the door style affair, with an open bar (with a limited menu) and a buffet style setup with light dinner foods. Phillip was entertaining, and was very approachable. He sang several songs, and even passed the mic to us a few times(we were the only non-Japanese people in the room). As far as I'm concerned, I was the back up for the back up singer for Chaka Khan. I'm gonna get some business cards printed up shortly.

We were also graced with the presence of a special guest, Freddie Mercury. He ran in out of nowhere and started singing like a madman. Only did I later realize that this was our Japanese friend, and that Freddie Mercury has been dead for over a decade. Boy, was I embarrassed!

Good times with Phillip.

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