Thursday, January 24, 2008

1/28/08 More Time in Japanland

I am cooking up a nice multimedia presentation of my Kyoto experiences, and it will be finished in short order. I thought, though, that it would be a good idea to write down a few little things that are happening with me currently before I forget.

First, this Tuesday I re-contracted to teach in Japan for one additional year. I considered the decision at length, and it seems like the best path for me at this time. I am having a rewarding time in Japan, and whatever work may be lacking in terms of excitement is more than covered with after school fun times. My primary goal remains to develop my Japanese ability, and I think that an additional year would really help. Also, I would like to take the next level of the Japanese proficiency test, and that test is only offered once a year.

All of us English teachers that work directly for the city had a re-contracting meeting at the Board of Education office, where we all had to meet with the bosses one by one. We were told to sign a sheet in Japanese(and another in English) that stated our intentions for the coming year. I had a mix of feelings when signing... it was part NBA draft excitement and part signing away my soul to someone with big red horns. Time will tell which scenario is more true.

I haven't yet finished my sixth month and I already had to decide if I want 12 more. Doesn't seem like a fair choice, but I think I made a good decision.


I was excited to see that Scientology was back in the news. Footage was recently leaked of Tom Cruise being awarded the Freedom Medal of Valor (for achievement in the Field of Excellence). I've seen several little snippets of the ceremony here and there, but I offer to you now the entire production. It is extremely entertaining. Enjoy.

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