Wednesday, December 05, 2007

12/7/07 Happy Birthday, Blog!

John Milito's Amazing Adventures turned 1 year old today. Time flies when you are rambling about every single thing that you do. Since December 13, 2006 this blog has received 1,587 visits from 29 countries.

Here are a few fun little things that don't have any relationship to each other whatsoever.

First, a new restaurant opened up on the road that I take to school everyday. I saw the building rise little by little so I was pretty excited when it finally opened. Its not amazing, but they did have some little treats that I had been wanting to try. Taiyaki! It's sort of a waffle kind of batter with either sweet bean paste or custard inside(I know that other flavors exist). The fun part is that they are always shaped like fish.

I caught one! I caught one!

This illustrates one of the biggest mysteries of Japan. Why doesn't anyone understand that when you buy alot of something, it should become cheaper? On this little sign, one fish costs 140, and 6 fish cost 840! Of course it does! Why the heck would I buy 6 fish with bean paste inside if its not any cheaper than buying 3? Hooo.. deep breath.

The assistant principle at my school pointed out that you can see Mt. Fuji from the office window on a clear day. Its right to the left of the tallest tower in the center of the picture. Probably need to click and make it bigger to make it out. Its the mountain with the white top.

Here is a really funny sign that we found on a train. It teaches about train etiquette in some of the most awkward English ever assembled.

I couldn't resist trying some green tea flavored Kit Kat. Not bad.

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