Monday, August 06, 2007


The fireworks display ended up being a much bigger deal than I had realized. As we walked towards the river that bisects Ashikaga, the occasional bunches of people waiting at stoplights turned into a mass of humanity streaming through blocked off streets. Both banks of the river were covered in place-saving blankets and tarps that people had staked down days in advance. Today was a favored occasion for people to wear their yukata, which is basically a lighter, warm weather kimono. I've been shopping for a male version for myself, but I haven't found many in fatboy size as of yet.

The firework display itself was most likely the best I have ever seen. Not only were the explosions of better quality, but the damn things went on for two hours. At several points messages from sponsors were displayed on the far bank of the river with masses of sparklers. Children filled with excitement at the onset were long asleep by the time the last colors had faded from the sky.

Not a single "OOH" or "AAH" was uttered within earshot

A particularly cool display

There were numerous vendors doing their best to capitalize on the crowd. I like them because they often have special occasion foods that can't be found under normal circumstances.

Quite a memorable experience.

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