Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pretty Pictures and a Run in with the Law

The last time I was in Japan was the semester I spent at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. I arrived for school just as the cherry blossoms were blooming in the trees. During some free time, I went to a sort of parade at Daigo-ji Temple, in which a long procession of Japanese in full period dress reenacted a court event that happened in 1598. There was a bit of a breeze, which caused the cherry blossom petals to float from the trees like snow flakes. Needless to say, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures that day.

This scene in particular caught my eye. Its so serene and symmetrical, it belongs on a postcard.

Fast forward to a month or two ago. My art major friend Amy Lenhardt was having a final art show in Jacksonville, showcasing all of the things that she had been toiling over for the past four years. I was very surprised to see a print that I recognized. It was a print made from an etching of one of my Japan pictures! Very awesome. I guess she saw where I had put my pic up on facebook, and liked it enough to want to recreate it. She even gave me one to keep. It looks pretty cool, I'll probably have to get it framed. I liked it so much that I decided against suing her for infringing on my intellectual copyrights.


I got my new laptop in the mail today! I have started on the long journey of learning how the hell to work the dreaded Windows Vista. The menus looks pretty, but I doubt its going to blow me away with functionality. My favorite little toy now is the webcam built into the screen. New electronics make me happy.

Its even got a remote! Ooooh, Aaaah

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