Friday, July 26, 2019

Going Savage in St. Louis

Every once in a while when there's a particular reason to celebrate we go to a fancy restaurant. This time we chose Savage.

The menu had a nice little blurb:

"The heart of Savage Restaurant is defined by the dramatic shift in culinary landscape that we've witnessed over the years. The biggest shift has been a look back into the past for ingredients and techniques to coax out flavors and textures with less manipulation and through more natural processes. The wine world has followed this movement with efforts to use less modern machinery in the vineyards and minimize intervention in the winemaking process. The results in both have brought excitement, challenges and purity to the dining experience. Flavors of savoriness, tartness, earthiness and a little bit of "funk": the offspring of natural, less temperature-controlled fermentations have expanded to what we consider normal flavors and textures. Much like the children from the original Willy Wonka film as they entered the gates to the chocolate factory, we gaze wide-eyed into the present and future possibilities of ingredients flavors and textures by the new vanguard of culinary and wine professionals. All of our beers, wines, and ingredients have been inspired and cultivated through years of travel, education, and personal experience.

"The strawberries taste like strawberries. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries! - Willy Wonka"

But none of this really matters unless you're having fun. So stop reading and start drinking."

I liked the layout of the place. All of the seating is in a big square around the kitchen where the chef and his helpers scurry around. I was excited because I'd read that chef-owner Logan Ely liked to cook with ants and other insects. I got there and asked my server what the bug courses would be and she said none. "Chef doesn't want to get pegged as a bug guy". Cool.

So you buy a set course menu without knowing what they are. Which is fine because I like surprises but then it's difficult to remember what the heck every was. It was fun anyway.

This was a beet chicharone.

I think this was yeast puree.

I thought the little Willy Wonka picture in the bathroom was a nice touch.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Fury Road

My new job is out in O'Fallon, Missouri, which is a bit of a jog from downtown St. Louis. It can get a little Mad Max out there on the highway.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Big Wheel Keep on Turnin'

We took a stroll over to Union Station to see how the new St. Louis Aquarium construction was coming along.

The most obvious sign of change was the still only partially circular St. Louis Wheel they're putting up. How exciting.

You can get a better angle from the highway.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Barbados: Sea Turtles and Racehorses

The final day in Barbados. With Barbados being checked off my list my time in the Caribbean as a whole is drawing to a close. Saint Kitts and Nevis is the only one remaining. It's possible I'd return here someday after my last check mark but much less likely. For one thing the Caribbean is never really on the way to anything.

We booked ourselves a nice little snorkeling tour on the catamaran El Tigre.

Snorkeling tours always talk about how you're going to see sea turtles because everyone loves sea turtles but there are never sea turtles. Well this time I saw sea turtles! Our guides had bait that they were attracted to so we saw a couple. It was funny because the most efficient thing to do would be to swim up to the guide and just go to town on the bait. Instead the turtles acted like little underwater airplanes making little strafing runs. If they snapped at the bait during a pass and missed they hoped nobody would notice, kept swimming, then came back for another pass.

Me probably gazing out the window and ruminating about the fact I didn't have a friggin GoPro with me the one time I actually saw a sea turtle.

On the drive back to town we passed by Rihanna's house. I think there must be one story for each inch on her forehead.

Passed Rihanna Drive again. So much Rihanna.

Cuz's was walkable from the hotel. It was hyped as the best spot to get a flying fish "cutter". Pretty much a fried fish sandwich.

I think it lived up to the hype. I ordered mine with a slice of cheese on top which really tied the whole sandwich together.

Banks: The beer of Barbados. Tastes an awful lot like the beer of quite a few places honestly.

Returnable bottles are funny because they're so heavy that they always trick me into thinking I'm not done with my drink even when empty.

I was excited to see a Bajan horse race. It was fun that this one was so cheap and casual compared to the glitzy race we went to in Hong Kong.

I love how the Caribbean is littered with old cannons. My major complaint about the US is: not enough obsolete artillery lying around. Very boring.

Hit up the sliced pineapple man.

There was no way in hell I was going to miss the Crop Over Festival Raceday.

Garrison Savannah Racetrack is a real nice, laid back place.

I actually won one but the tickets were so cheap that I won like a dollar.

There were some cannons back at the hotel.

Had a little hotel dinner buffet to put a nice ending on our stay.

Our flight left at a nasty early time of day where we had to leave the hotel at like 4am. Sad.

I would have been interested in a Concorde experience. Oh well. I think maybe they have a decommissioned plane that you can scope out.

Time for some breakfast loungin!

Quiero acumular todos los puntos.

We had some time to kill in Fort Lauderdale so we stopped at Primanti Brothers. I think it started in Pittsburgh but the deal is you order a sandwich which consists of "grilled meat, melted cheese, an oil & vinegar-based coleslaw, tomato slices, and French fries between two thick slices of Italian bread". It was definitely a mess but it was a unique experience, I'll give it that.

Can you ever really have too many plane windows pictures?