Saturday, October 07, 2017

Maine: Chowdah then a Wedding

We hit the Holy Donut first thing in the morning to bring some back to the family. We're really the best.

Some of them did not make the trip back to the house.

We briefly hit a Mainey Goodwill to search for good nautical themed clothing. It did not disappoint.

My parents heard about the donuts.

We hit the L. L. Bean store.

I was glad we went to Bean when we did because they were having a whole festival.

Chowdah Challenge: Accepted

I chowdahed and chowdahed.

I think they were drying the maple syrup, then forming it in lobsters. So Mainey.

We headed back to the cabin to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at Alice's family's home. The place was painfully quaint, like an issue of Better Homes and Gardens had come to life. "Oh here's our tiny beehive next to our tiny apple tree. Sometimes we feed the apples to our pony Buttercup."

A little bit of Gaelic never hurt anybody.

Luckily the photographer had limitless energy. Keeping Liam picture-ready was a lot of work.

I thought it was cool that they were serving the hors d'oeuvres on whiskey barrel staves. There were lobster rolls!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Maine Lobster Feed Ferry

My cousin Brendan was getting married near Portland, Maine. I was excited to see the whole family in such an awesome setting. We visited Maine last September and had a fantastic time so I was hoping for a repeat.

The St. Louis Metro had a cool antique metro coin motif.

The airport has some newish art installations as well.

I recently received the news that I got that job at Anheuser-Busch so we enjoyed a couple of premium quality pre-flight AB products to celebrate.

Landing in Portland at night was really cool. I could see a couple of lighthouse beams spinning around from the plane window. Excited to be back!

We landed, rented a car, and drove it to the Airbnb cabin where a bunch of the family was staying, near Buxton on Bonny Eagle Pond. We arrived well past midnight and were pretty beat. I think from then on I was tired this entire trip.

The next afternoon we headed to the docks to catch a ferry to Peaks Island.

The Lobster Feed was being held at the 5th Maine Regiment Museum. It was a little stroll from the dock so we got a nice look around the island.

This lady looks harmless enough but she's probably killed 10s of thousands of lobsters.

We grabbed a drink and headed down the back of the museum to the water. It was really an incredible view.

The rocks on the beach had this petrified wood quality that a few of us were contemplating.

I was rocking my Bean boots.

Colin and Laure were on booze duty. They did a fancy job.

Things got real when we all put on our lobster crushing bibs.

Kimmy's face turned lobster red. Must have been a side effect.

They were sitting on a recyclable gold mine.

We hit a bar back on the Portland side of the ferry but we didn't stay super long. I was beat.